Reclaim and Renew


Bring To Light: Nuit Blanche New York 2010

This installation consists of a series of translucent white forms, created from blown glass, and varying in size. These forms are clustered into small groups and positioned beneath a tree. The forms are fitted interiorly with battery-operated LED lights that slowly rotate through a series of colors. This installation seeks to activate and renew an otherwise ignored and abandoned space through soft light and natural forms. My work currently focuses heavily on urban agriculture solutions, so I see this as an opportunity to accentuate a space that has value and opportunity. This installation is a sculptural iteration of my outdoor terrariums.

Glass Quarterly
Bring to Light

Role: Designer and Fabricator
Responsibilities: For this installation I created the design, fabricated the blown glass pieces and completed all wiring, assembly and final install for the event.


Nuit Blanche: Bring to Light


Sculpture, Lighting, Hand-Blown Glass


Bring to Light 2010