Cooperative Commerce


Cooperative Commerce: A Community Approach to Honey Extraction

Cooperative Commerce is a triple bottom line approach to environmentally sustainable solutions in the developing world.

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The Buckminster Fuller Challenge 2010
Metropolis Next Generation Competition 2010

Semi-finalist in the Georgia Tech Ideas to Serve (I2S) Competition

Role: Group Leader
Responsibilities: Due to my extensive background with sustainable design and recent travels to the Yucat√°n Peninsula, I functioned as the group leader for this four-person team. In cooperation with another group member, I conducted the majority of the background/ethnographic research and verbal presentations. Ethnographic research included visiting various sites and interviewing several local beekeepers (hobbyists, NGO workers and professional apiarists). Through this process we gained an in-depth understanding of various methods of beekeeping, the tools and equipment required and the varying degrees of complexity and financial requirements.

Shared responsibilities across all team members included concept development, model making and prototyping, product testing, ideation, sketching and presentation material preparations.


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